Monday, May 17, 2010

Week O'Mama's: Kate

It seems horribly unfair, but Mothers Day must come to an end, and so must the Week O'Mama's. Congratulations and respect to all of you Mama's out there in the blog-world; loving and hugging and feeding and watching over your broods every day.

Our final Mama is Kate from picturesque Daylesford who writes at Foxs Lane. She's mondo-talented, this woman. Not only can she paintey some niceum word picture, she also sews and creates all kinds of beautiful things, while raising three kids.

In her spare time,she and her partner run an organic farm.

Life envy, anybody?

Here's Kate:

What's it like raising three kids on an organic farm?
We moved here from Melbourne when our eldest was eight months old and it is really the only experience of motherhood I know. There are amazing, amazing things like the space, the wonderful fruit and veg and eggs, the fact that our kids not only know where their food comes from but that often they help produce it, the lifestyle and the clean air. But on the other hand, farming can be a 24/7 job and there are times when it is very stressful and it can be hard to live where you work.

Has blogging had an impact on your parenting?

Good question. When I first started blogging I found myself writing posts in my head a lot. I was more conscious than I had ever been about what I was doing in case it was 'blogworthy'. But I think as time has gone on I just live my life and parent my kids and occasionally I will blog about it.
I have noticed thought that at times when I am working through parenting issues and I blog about them, the emails and comments I get in response do help me work out a way forward. Recently I was having an issue regarding the schooling of my middle daughter and some of the links and personal stories people sent me made me feel like I wasn't alone and educated me so in the end I felt like I made a decision based on research and experience rather than just the emotional ones I often find myself making.

Favourite mum-bloggers?

My Mum! Check out her blog at
A tale about your own Mum?

My Mum is wonderful! She has always encouraged me and my 3 three sisters to be as creative and passionate as we could possibly be. It is no surprise that there are no lawyers or scientists among us now but writers, a singer/songwriter and an organic farmer. My Mum once wrote a letter to my head master telling him that I would not be sitting my year ten exams because I had other stuff going on and was not prepared. Trying to encourage my kids to find their own passion, the thing that drives them and makes them happy is something that comes from my Mum and I am grateful for it.


  1. Life-envy is right...wanna trade, Kate?

  2. Yay for Kate! Great to hear some more about the fox's lane life.

  3. I love Kate's blog, thanks for sharing this interview...

    What a great idea for Mother's Day...

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  4. Week o mama's has been so lovely! I've really enjoyed it, thanks to all those who shared their stories x

  5. Thanks so much for including me in your week o mamas Rachael. Its been an honor to be included amongst these awesome mamas and a joy to read their stories. X

  6. Kate is definitely one awesome mamma!!!
    yay Kate! great to read a little bit more about you

  7. Love Kate too and these photos are just FANTASTIC! Thanks for a wonderful interview :) K


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