Monday, May 10, 2010

Week O'Mama's: Julie

Welcome to another day in the Week O'Mama's! Today I'm featuring Julie who writes at Towards Sustainability. This blog is an inspiring little place where Julie discusses her efforts to live a self - sufficient, ecologically thoughtful life.

Here she is:

When did you start blogging and what do you use your blog for?

I started blogging in 2006, after I had a mini-green epiphany after watching An Inconvient Truth and reading books by Linda Cockburn (Living The Good Life) and Singer and Mason (The Ethics of What We Eat). There was so much to research and so much informtaion 'out there' that I originally started blogging as a way of trying to record the information I was gathering about living more sustainably, and as a way of keeping track of our progress. I find now that it also a terrific tool in keeping me focussed and 'honest' and accountable in my endeavours. It's easy for me to lose sight of the big picture, but by recording the little things we do, I can see how all the baby steps we've taken are adding up into sonething substantial and positive.

Has blogging had an impact on your parenting?

Yes, absolutely. In the same way that blogging allows me to keep track of the skills I want to learn, it also helps me to see where I can help enable my girls to have a more sustainable and independent future, but teaching them appropriate skills and encouraging their connection with - and therefore stewardship of - the earth.

Sustainability tips for mothers?

Gosh, parenting seems to be so commercialised these days, and if you listen to or watch the media you'd think you need to own every possible gadget and toy under the sun in order to raise happy, confident and intelligent children! That's so not true! Children need love & security and good nutrition. They don't need to be surrounded by brightly coloured plastic toys. I think the best way to begin to live more sustainably as a parent is to chose items for your child/ren carefully, and this includes food & snacks as well as clothing, toys etc. Chose quality over quantity, chose non-toxic products, chose natural materials over man made and organic over conventionally-produced if possible. Not only will these choices be good for your child/ren, they will be good for the planet - a win-win situation.

Favourite mum-bloggers?

I think my three favourites are Amanda from
SouleMama, Heather from Beauty That Moves and Rianna fromThese Days in French Life (who sadly no longer blogs, but has a terrific Flickr photo stream).

A tale about your own Mum?

I don't really have a specific tale, I just wish I'd spent more time learning from her when I was younger! She has always been pretty 'green' but as a teenager in particular, I was just frustrated by our lack of household techno-gadgets which all my friends had, hand knitted garments were sooooo uncool and didn't see the point in preserving or making jam because I'd just make heaps of money and buy it when I grew up! I was a very typical child of the 70's and 80's. However, I am blessed she is still around to ask questions and whilst I am sure she is wryly amused by my belated desire to learn these 'old' skills, she is still happy to answer all my newbie questions :-)


  1. How inspirational! Thank you Julia, Mama Mogantosh

  2. Ooh, found a new blog to read! Loving this feature, Rachael...

  3. I agree with the amount of ' crap' people are told they need to buy and really, all I used in the first year was a sling- which is all I had and it was great.

    Good mum-i-ness!

  4. Lovely interview Julie! Always an inspiration. Love your theme this week. Will be popping over for more mama fixes! xo m.

  5. Just wanted to say hello and let you know I am enjoying these interviews.


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