Monday, August 26, 2013

Oops, Complaining, Again.

Come on, antibiotics. Do your thing.

It's been three months or so now of night-and-day coughing and fatigue and a pale, wintry depression. I am limping through laundry and supermarkets and swimming lessons and the neverending hunt for school shoes, struggling to find my good humour. I just can't get well. I went to the docs today and he's put me on antibiotics. If they don't work, a lung X-Ray. 'You know', he says, 'for cancer or whatever.'

(It was funny.)

But sweet cheeses, enough of the complaining.

Instead, here's a snap from a bushwalk this weekend with the family, to see the spring flowers in the National Park. The weather was glorious, George adorable. 'Dadda back! No, Dorja walk! No, dadda back! No, Dorja walk!'

Happy week ahead, my friends. May there be more sunshine and less shouting. Wish me luck that the wonders of modern medicine will kick this chest infection of mine in the clackers.



  1. I hope you feel better soon Rachel. Hopefully that good dose of fresh air and sunshine worked its magic on you x

  2. This is me wishing you a WHOLE LOTTA LUCK. God knows, you deserve it. Kellie xx

  3. Hope you get well soon! Be gone, chest infection...


  4. Deep breaths (if you can) Rae-Rae. Hope the antibiotics work. S xx


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