Friday, August 9, 2013

My 24-Hour Bubonic Plague (Dramatic? Moi?)

Even though I have not been hanging out in Californian National Parks with my furry friends, I still think I came down with the Black Death this week.

Wham! It laid me sideways.

I'm in recovery now though, thanks be to kind husbands and incredibly good two-year-olds who let me lie in bed for most of the last two days with my head under a pillow. George trotted in and out. She would climb up and hang out on the bed for a while, playing on my phone, watching Iggle Piggle on my computer, talking to herself. Then she would say 'Bye Mama! See you morning!', flip off the bed backwards and wander off.

Those 2 days in bed were such a gift - it could have gone so badly the other way (I'm painfully reminded of the time I had gastro and a two-year-old Ivy laughed and imitated me as I threw up into a bucket. Then she demanded toast. )

And so: apple cider vinegar. Horseradish and garlic tablets. Lotsa water. Extra cuddles for my empathetic toddler.

Any other immunity-repairing ideas?


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