Monday, August 12, 2013

For Georgette, On The Occasion Of Her Second Birthday

Darling Georgie,

Happy birthday to you! It's all a bit of  mess round here. I have the flu, still, and the scramble to get your birthday cake on the table was epic.  Still, it seems only fair, since your arrival tipped us into chaos. Before you, we could see chaos from where we lived, but we only visited sometimes. Now we've got season passes.

You have no problem adding your noise to the cacophony in this monkey house. 'I too! I too!' you tell us constantly. 'I cook! I walk! I dwaw!' Whatever the big kids are up to, you want a piece of it. You love to dance, and your favourite song is 'Babooshka'. You love Iggle Piggle and your beepy and your nummie, big tuddles, your books and your brother and sister. You can swim in the bath happily for an hour, and love sliding down your slippery dip with one of your furry friends. Impressively polite, little George, you are even grateful when we change your nappy. 'Sanku Daddy! Sanku Mama!'

Independent, you won't hold my hand in the street, and you are clearly a comedian in the making, cracking yourself up with your own funny walks and the voices you give to inanimate objects. When you're not happy, you make a face we call 'the angry bulldog', and your soft, soft cheeks still look like you are storing nuts for the winter. To me, you look like a May Gibbs drawing.

Most of all you love Dodo and Puppy (who are you are clutching in this picture I snapped today.) 'Is Dodo your best friend?' I asked you this morning as you perched him on the chair next to you and pretended to feed him Weet Bix. 'No fweind!' you said 'Sissa! Is a six.' 'Dodo is your sister and he's six?' I asked. 'Yes.' you said and made him talk. "Arro!' This cracked you up. And me too.

Happy birthday adorable toddler! (Or, as you like to sing: To You Ip Aray!) You're the light of our lives and we love you to bits.

XXX Mummy.



    Love from the Stockenses. xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday dear Porgy! Wish we could be there to help you celebrate, but you seem to be doing just fine. Big cuddles to you and the gang. S xxx


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