Tuesday, August 6, 2013

42: The Meaning Of Life Birthday

In the last few weeks Keith an I have both turned forty-two. A good, solid age. Should we be blessed with the requisite four score, we are smack in the middle of our lives right now. 

Middle age, what ho! 

I made Keith a piano cake, as befits this beloved, darling, tinkling fool o'mine. 

I also made some creme brulee with the chefs blowtorch given to me by my wonderful mother-in-law. (Impressed the hell out of my little soux-chefs.)

We are in a fast-paced, high -traffic season of life right now. One task trips on the heels of the last, the forward-motion is constant, and there is never quite enough time to do everything we need to do. Plus, I spend at least forty five minutes a day looking for socks. Oh dear god, the socks. Is there any solution to the sock problem?

We spin around the sun. Life is wonderful.

Keith coaches the under 7's soccer team while carting a baby on his hip.

He stops for ten minutes at lunch to watch one of Teddy's frozen experiments evaporate in the winter sunshine.

Me, I am writing a short play, and performing it with my friend Alicia at a cabaret night in Wollongong. It's set in a toilet. Here is Al, cleaning the main prop. It's true, the theatre is really as glamorous as they say.

Everything about this caper makes my feet sweat with terror, but that's 42; at least for me. Lots of the white noise has dropped away. The fear, the anxiety, the inner critic. I have a solid base in this little family, this loving community who support me whatever happens. Plus, I am almost entirely sure that nobody ever died of shame. I'm pretty sure. At worst, we're a humiliating flop, and given a little time... that's comedy!

The second half of my life is opening up before me. I want to grab it, slap its perky arse, shake the coconuts out of its uppermost branches, and enjoy it as much as I can. Life can only be understood backwards, said Keirkegaarde, but must be lived forwards, and here I stand, in the middle, the perfect vantage point to see both forwards and back. To learn from the past, and gather courage for the future. The view looks beautiful to me.


  1. Happy belated birthday to you and Keith!
    Sounds like you own your place in life, and I am sure it will get better and better from here on.
    Can't wait to hear about your adventures in the years to come!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful blog post rach - loved it! xxxx

  3. Happy happy birthday! Kellie xx

  4. Hurrah for birthdays, the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book and the theatre. xxxxxxx

    1. Yes, god bless the womens weekly birthday book.more fun to come for you my friend. x

  5. Egads, woman, you posted this on my 42nd birthday so I'm hearing you loud and clear. All of it. Except I'm not staring in a play with a toilet. You are far more glamourus than I. Happy birthday dear Rachael. x


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