Thursday, July 18, 2013


Big footy game last night. Keith went and watched it at the local RSL, and he told me about the atmosphere when he got home. 

There were about twenty guys there, he said. Not a woman in the joint. They all had a beer or two and occasionally yelled at the screen. At one point somebody carried around a tray of party pies. 

When the game was over they peeled off from the group one by one and made their way home. I was interested to explore that. 'Did they say good bye, or just go?' I asked Keith. 'Yeah, said goodbye, but just, you know, peacefully,' he said. 'I am confused,'  I said. 'Why didn't you hang around for another half an hour and kiss each other a few times and start a few new conversations and laugh like witches?' 

'That is not our way,' Keith said. 


  1. For the photos alone, I thank you, and the Art of Manliness is site is fascinating! Your words gave me a giggle too. As usual. Bx

  2. Love this Post Rachael, so much I've come back for another look at those gorgeous photos. I love my lady friends but I do really love the essence of Manland. Mel x

    1. My sentiments exactly Mel. Vive le difference! x


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