Friday, July 19, 2013

Good Stuff For The Weekend

Warm your cockles: an eighty-one year old tells a tale of long lost love. It's funny and fabulous.

Have you been keeping an eye on the Pitch Drop experiment? I have (nerd alert). Guess what? It dropped! 

When a broadcaster is on the other side of the mike, they know how to give good interview. Richard Glover is charming and funny here  (and gets extra points for adoring his fabulous wife.)

Breakfast quesadillas. Yes please thank you.

When you tell your kids they are 'naturals' and 'gifted', are you helping them to fall apart when they fail at stuff?  Interesting stuff.

Tootsie is in my top ten favourite movie list.Top five even.  So I loved this Dustin Hoffman interview where he explores his feelings about playing a woman on screen.

My friend Shelley mines history (so you don't have to!) for attractive, interesting deceased folk in her hilarious and edifying series The Hot And The Dead.

Finally, this spoken-word piece on breastfeeding is moving and wonderful.

What are you up to this weekend? Right now,  I am excited about getting my birthday blowtorch on the creme brulee I just took out of the oven. After that, we've got a lot of soccer, a visit from Grandpa, some kid parties, a big old pile of washing to fold, and some writing projects to crack on with. Plus, a date with the final Mad Men episode (season 6).

Sounds good yes?

Hope you have a good one too. x


  1. You are awesome for putting all these on the blog. I am soo set for the next week for listening - thank you muchly! xox lisa

  2. I did some links on my blog too! How good is that Dustin Hoffman interview! X


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