Monday, July 1, 2013

Electric Blankets And Dr. Damn Drew

This winter is sending me into a state of gormless hibernation. I have so much to do, but I can't crack on with any of it. When I can escape the jobs and pleasures of family life, all I want to do is snuggle with my electric blanket and watch Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab on my laptop. (hangs head, accepts shabby overcoat of shame.)

And yet.

These school holidays are upon me like a young Labrador, and I am determined to do a better job this time than last. I am armed with a Sulky Tax (10 cents per raised eyebrow, snarky comment or unreasonable whinginess), a Rewards Jar (movies on week 2 if I fill it with enough good-behaviour pasta bits), and a commitment to bringing my own best self to the project.

We're going to bake butterfly cakes, explore some projects from this website of wonders, read A Wrinkle In Time and hang out with the cousins.

As long as I can tear myself away from Dr Drew and that damn warm, warm blanket.

If you have any school holiday tips, fire away. Also, Dr. Drew. He's got something. Like, something special, am I right? No? No?


  1. We have a whine fine down our way. I think I might read A Wrinkle in Time too. Not with the kids, just for me! Bx

  2. Dear Rach,
    If you haven't already done these, can I strongly recommend as rainy-day options:
    The Phantom Tollbooth (book, Norton Juster)
    The entire ABC kids' series My Place, which have even me (ostensibly the adult in the house) completely enthralled, and sometimes in tears.


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