Monday, June 10, 2013

Muddy Good Times.

Three in gumboots played together today. George is into everything the big kids do. I too! It's her mantra. I too! I too! She wrecks everything, of course, and I have to remind her infuriated siblings what they were like as toddlers. Ivy, banging her head on the floor in anger. Teddy, shouting 'You are bum!' at anybody who annoyed him. So sweet, these toddler moments, so hilarious in the nerve-shredding at the time. 
Life with little ones. 

In the mud of the front yard  Ivy decided to build a wall with the fallen oranges off the tree. Ted and George collected mud for her. 'Oh my god,' Ivy said. 'If this works, it is going to be the best thing I have ever built.'

It didn't work.

But it was a good time. 


  1. Reading your blog and seeing your little gang in action is good for my soul, but am slightly relieved you are not planning any more babies, you make it all look so tempting... Bx

  2. I'm sure one more baby would just blend in with the chaos now Bex...but unfortunately my body would fall to pieces, I think. We'll just have to wait until these guys are all in school and then start fostering some little ones that need temporary parents.


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