Friday, May 3, 2013

Recovery Position.

We're clawing our way back to health here. Ivy made it to school this morning, after spending the last couple of days in pale, cotton-woolish invalidism, swooning on the lounge and being 'too tired' to eat the greener bits of her dinner. It was nice in fact  to have just the one sick child to concentrate on. Ivy curled up quietly reading Nancy Drew and watching TV, happily enjoying the gentle thrill of being home on a school day, playing piano with Daddy at lunchtime and having the toys all to herself.

We had a little painting session without a baby trying to eat the brushes and drink the water. It was lovely.

I've been listening to Caitin Moran read her book 'How To Be A Woman'. She is just wonderful. I'm washing up and folding laundry and making beds with one ear-phone in, in my usual housework routine, and I'm veering wildly between tears of laughter, fist-pumps of solidarity and wretched sadness at the feeling that I will never write this well. Ah, that's how it goes.  

Term 2! Thin autumn sunshine, hot water bottles, Game of Thrones, painting projects, writing plans, an exceptionally good season of Survivor (and two big kids just learning the fun of Survivor strategy analysis), soccer season and vegetable lasagnes.  May the fun begin. 


  1. Glad you are all getting better.

  2. Love this pic and the common threads in mothering, household grooves and deliciousness of this pretty time of year...where the change in season are so apparent, that all feels new again...

    xo for the coledale crew xo

  3. Best book ever, I think every woman should read it!! I have to get some Nancy Drew too!!


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