Monday, May 13, 2013

18/52: A Portrait Project

An attempt to capture the spirit of my smallest baby Georgette, by documenting her in a photo every  week  for a year. See more at Jodie's 52 Project.  

My rookie mistake: letting young Georgie hold a packet of textas on the way home from the shops, so that this 80's homage greeted me when  I opened the door. She is obsessed with drawing, this toddler. She calls it 'twos' and will follow us around with paper begging 'Two? Two?' When we agree to draw some '2's' and spirals for her, she laughs with delight. Her favourite perch is on the dining table, digging through the stationery basket and the paper box for new surfaces to decorate. Every piece of paper in the house is covered with Georgies little scribbles, and she has a naturally perfect pencil grip in her left hand. A lefty! Another piece of her puzzle, revealed. 


  1. Oh no! But so cute. Hope it came off easy?

  2. Yes Trishie...until the next time. She's got a taste for it now....x


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