Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful Days

Today, I shifted my attention to the making of the mess, rather than the cleaning up afterwards. It was a beautiful thing. When Ivy isn't buried in a book, she's writing an ongoing story on my computer. This tale basically plagiarises the Faraway Tree and puts herself at the centre of the action. 'hi ivy waved the sosspan man I have made pop cakes for you and franny says to come and play with us'.... Ivy is all about the word count. (Perhaps she is a real writer..?)

George is obsessed with drawing and leaves scribbled hieroglyphics everywhere. (I prefer this to her other habit of the moment which is wandering about clutching a handful of forks.) Ted is making a book here from the Hi 5 stencils he scored at the op shop. Soon he will ask me to transcribe his story.

These times are beautiful and precious and they already carry a hint of nostalgia. When I stop long enough to really look at the kids I see how fast they are evolving. All of them seem to learn and grow quicker than I can keep up. These days are tiring, and they are unspeakably messy. But I wouldn't change them for a moment.


  1. We love messy play days. I let the kids go wild with chalk texta all over the windows on the weekend. They highlight how filthy my windows are but also provide an excellent reason for me not to clean them still - precious artwork to look at.

  2. Beautiful days indeed. On days such as these I like to think of the mess as creativity shavings. Bx


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