Monday, April 8, 2013

A Date With My Boy

I had a great time hanging out with my boy today. He's at school next year. Nearly five!Sometimes it's hard for him squashed between two sisters. The eldest gets the glory, the youngest gets off the hook.. oh, Ted, Mum knows how to sing the middle child's, birth-order blues.  Today, Mum and Dad were kind enough to look after baby George, and I gave Ted my full, undivided attention for a little while. Off we went, into the big city, looking for fun. 

At Darling Harbour, we stumbled on a  film crew filming a Bollywood movie dance scene. A crew member winked at me and pulled us into a background group of extras where we clapped and danced along. A very auspicious start to the day! It just got better when at the IMAX theatre we saw a 3D doco about the Hubble space telescope that blew my tiny mind. Ted loved it too (especially the part where I produced Easter eggs from my handbag).

We found the children's playground at Darling Harbour, and it was amazing - flying foxes, massive climbing stuff, and best of all, a big crazy water fountain splashy zone that had Ted stripping down to his undies in a nanosecond. (Luckily I had spares.)

 Chinatown for lunch, and a brief encounter with a street artist who wrapped Ted in flowers. 

Finally, a long train trip home, and lots of stories to tell over the dinner table. How I love this small son of mine. He is such good company.


  1. what an awesome day. I had a day with my almost 6yo today as his big sister was off horseriding.. was a little more tame with cafe/park/library/iPad time with him teaching me some games that he loves and I dont have much time for. Was so lovely to spend time with just him. A think next time a trip to the city with just him will be in order, have done it with my big girl but never the littlest. Think its time, train ride/museum/science centre. Thanks for the nudge. lots of memories made there

  2. How do we put in orders for a Ted of our own? Do they make copies?


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