Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shiny, Happy

This week,  I feel like I'm riding high on top of the wheel of fortune - we are well, the sun is out, and this morning I even managed to clean the dessicated flies out of the windowsill in the kids room. I've been managing to get up early to write and put the bread on, and I'm feeling the happiness and contentment that comes from an ordered routine.

I'm on borrowed time though. We could be moments away from a bout of extreme naughtiness or necrotising fasciitis, though. Who knows? Family life, it's all a phase - the good, the bad.

Yesterday morning we managed a family band version of the tearjerking classic 'Angel of The Morning', with Keith on guitar, Ivy playing the bass line on piano, Teddy rocking the tambourine and Georgie on my hip helping me bring down the power notes. (Ted had a little moment over the sad lyrics, and then he recovered his rock equilibrium.) Best session ever.

Ivy told me about the 'olden days' this morning. 'You know, Mum, when the monkeys turned into women.'
Under 7's soccer training starts tomorrow (Ivy's first year playing, and first with her Dad as coach. I sense a lot of orange-cutting in my future.)

Life is good.

This good.

And this good!



  1. that is great!! I love that clip, made me giggle, Ivy still dishing up gold!!

    1. I love that Youtube dancing clips exist. x

  2. Happy days, sister! Wallow in the joy while it is there to be wallowed in.

    Your family sounds mint!

  3. So happy for you guys! Sounds lovely, especially your family band session. And Ivy's comment and Ted's sadness over the lyrics? Funny and adorable at the same time.
    And now I'm stuck with an earworm from your blog post title: meet me in the crowd, people, people...

  4. Aah...I'm hoping to ride that upswing soon too. I love that feeling, where it all seems to flow...even if just for a while...bring it on i say!!! xxoo love you

    1. Thanks Lise, hope you are finally recovering. x

  5. fly free windows...that is quite the achievement, happy days indeed.


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