Friday, February 1, 2013

Three Great Podcasts And A Happy Baby Covered In Sauce

First week of term down, and I am feeling optimistic.

The big two are happy at school, and my first couple of days at home alone with the baby have been lovely. Lots of time to focus on the little nutter, who so often gets lost in the chaos, and mundane though it may be, it has been massively restorative to feel like I am getting on top of the housework.

I've been able to tootle around the house listening to lots of my favourite shows while hanging with the George. So from me to you, here are a few excellent podcasts for your weekend.

Straight, No Chaser - Katy Keiffer is snappy, smart and funny. On this episode she has a fascinating conversation with scientist and public health journalist Maryn McKenna about antibiotic resistance and food production.

The Moth- always a fabulous place to hear great story-telling, this episode features author and performer Satori Shakoor, who made me leak tears, then yelp with laughter, and then stop dead in the middle of the washing up to pay attention.

And finally, this Radiolab podcast on what it feels like to be blind. Two blind men - one who creates mental pictures of the world around him, and one who has made a decision to 'stop picturing.' If I could stop picturing what the inside of my oven looked like, I would. I really would.

Do you have any favourite podcasts? I'd love to hear about them.

Now, two days loom gloriously ahead, unmarked by engagements, fully unfettered. I plan some sleeping, some unhurried laundry folding, some zucchini-flower-stuffing, some satisfying drawer de-cluttering, and lots of pasta-eating.

Happy weekending to you. x


  1. Glad to hear things are looking up - getting on top of the housework is mundane, but so uplifting... Could need that myself! I haven't washed up for three days...
    And look at that happy, contagious grin! She is gorgeous!


    1. Thanks Fine. She is such a dirty baby. Into everything, all day. xxx

  2. Ah! Love a good podcast share (and George's grin!) Keeping me company most weeks; Slate's Culture Gabfest (I always feel like if we met, we'd all be friends) and The Dinner Party Download. Also loving Alice Tynan's new film one; 'The Spoiler Guys'.

    1. Oh yes. I get such a thrill when there is a new Culture Gabfest Tori. Do you like the Double X Gabfest too? So so good. Thanks for the reccies. Will check them out. xxx


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