Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Que Sera Sera

A lot of travelling this week,  physically and emotionally. A couple of important doctor visits on the cards.
Yesterday I went in to the Children's Hospital to check up on Georgie's progress. This baby, so bright and happy that we forget she ever had an accident, is nonetheless, still under the care of the brilliant and empathetic doctors at the Brain Injuries Unit. She will be checked again in six months time.

I am grateful for our health system, but these hospital appointments are very emotional times for me. As the day approaches for the visit I find myself worrying and watching, and the memory of the accident itself flashes, horribly and suddenly, into my mind. 

Oh, I am glad that Georgie is our third baby. If she was our first, I think I would have been consumed with anxiety about her developement. As it is, we are too busy to think about it, and so little George goes happily about the process of growing up - chatting, babbling, climbing, shrieking, reading books and being adorable.  
Tomorrow, I have an appointment to see a neurosurgeon to discuss my spine and its zany idiosyncracies. I have been gathering MRI and X-ray information to prepare for this appointment, and my x-ray report reads, in part: 'Query possible screw disruption at L2'. This is the spot where my spine has been popping out a golf-ball sized lump at unexpected moments over the last year. I am both pleased to be a step closer to solving the mystery, and terrified about what the solution might be.
In the end, it will all unfold as it will  and we will muddle on through.
As for the good news, tonight: pork belly and ice cream (not on the same plate.)


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  2. hey love, just saw this...weird as I was only thinking about it last night...hope you got my message. Bum.....if I didnt have to work tomorrow, id come to back dr with you....good luck....let me know how it unfolds...

    lisa xxx love you

  3. oh I hope that you get answers soon (the pain really sucks, but the not-knowing is what always does my head in) and there is a not-too-scary solution for it - although not-too-scary does not really exist when it comes to possible spinal surgery, does it?

    Good luck!


  4. I'll be thinking of you missus x
    PS. At the rate George seems to be consuming books, I don't think you've got anything to worry about there. Adorable much?!

  5. Thinking of you and the adorable George. x


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