Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pasta Machine Love.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a pasta machine and it has been a winner. Little T-Bone is able to handle the wheel with some help, and he loves to do it. Ivy is big enough to understand the process and I have spent some proud moments watching her work alone,  dusting the rollers with flour, feeding the dough through, changing the settings and finally, turning the cutting wheel. It is a wonderfully gratifying process - so tactile, and with rewardingly simple mechanics. A little work,  and a pile of egg and flour turns into silken threads of spaghetti. 

I loved to see the drying pasta in the kitchen,. It made me feel-a like-a such-an-Italian - mamma! Unfortunately, once the strands dried and I tried to take them down they snapped all over the joint, and my Nigella bubble burst. Again.  I think it needs to dry out on a nice safe tea-towel on the counter.  So much less decorative though. 

 (just prior to back-to-school haircut here! Look at that mane. And I love that the apron Ivy is wearing was sewn by her great-great grandmother, Nana Goodie. )

Of course, once these craft-crazy kids realised you could shred paper through the rollers, they were obsessed. And they hate to pass up a comedic opportunity - so this is how they set the table.  

 Finally, the end result - pasta coma. The family fell on the leftovers like ravenous (Italian) dingoes. It was a feeders dream.

We have made a few batches of pasta now, and it is divine every time, despite our mistakes. For the kids back-to-school feast (they choose the menu), we made two big bowls of our favourites: pesto, and creamy chorizo. You can find a great pesto recipe over at Beth's blog, and here is the tomato and chorizo recipe I love - mama mia, I am hungry just thinking about it.

I think I am going to institute pasta-making as an after school activity. There is something very calming and nurturing about the process. Hands in the food, dinner at the end...a winner all round.


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  2. Hello I admire your pasta making skills yet another thing I intend to try. However I had to smile when I saw your washing pile .... thank goodness other people have piles of washing living on bed, tables and couches. Sometimes I feel like unfolded washing is taking over my life!!


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