Saturday, February 23, 2013

7+8/52: A Portrait Project

An attempt to capture the spirit of my smallest baby Georgette, by documenting her in a photo every week for a year. See more at Jodie's 52 Project.  

This instalment covers at LEAST 2 weeks worth of portrait George. I couldn't narrow your love of books down to one photo, because every day, you want to read and read and read. 

You read with Nanna. 
 You hang out and read in your room. 

You read while you eat. 

You make Teddy read you the books he knows.  Basically, you climb up on the rocking chair and just yell until a big person joins you with a book. It's an effective strategy. 

You can always squirrel a few out of Ivy. When a book is nearing the end, you climb down and run and grab a new one before the last is over. You're no sucker. 

If everybody is occupied, you read alone. In fact your book piles are getting bigger by the day. 

You read with Dad, and, of course, you read with me. Many, many times a day. I love that you are such a reader George. 
I have been a book-lover all my life, and books have brought me immense joy. In the the blink of an eye George, you will be six, like your  big sister, and going off to bed to read your Indiana Jones book, wearing a baby's bathrobe and comfortably ensconced in a nest you decorated yourself, with your torch tucked away so you can read 'just a bit' longer after Mum turns the lights off.

Happy times. 


  1. I hope he loves books forever. What a lucky boy to have so many people willing to read to him. x

    1. Girl, Bron...! But I agree with the rest. xx

  2. Beautiful girl beautiful books beautiful that beautiful girl adores beautiful books. Go George. Books rock! PS I like your strategy of Yell till someone reads to you. Awesome strategy.

    1. It is massively effective Michele. #3 has really learned how to be the squeaky wheel...

  3. I love this post. That is all. Bx

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  5. A little book worm. I am huge advocate for getting our children to read. The love for reading is so important.

  6. It is a beautiful thing to watch Serendips. x

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