Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5/52: A Portrait Project

This smallest squidlet of mine is not having her toddler-hood documented in these pages like her big brother and sister did. It's been Georgie's blessing and her curse to land in a big busy family.

We are often moving too fast to notice the incremental changes that happen during this magical period of metamorphosis from baby to child, but with every day that passes, Georgie becomes more perfectly, idiosyncratically herself.

In an effort to capture some of these changing moments (and save on future therapy bills) I am joining in with Jodie's portrait project. Here! Here George! Here are your baby pictures! You adorable, cheeky nutcase. We love you.

Here she is, in the mud on the driveway. Just before demanding a bath, and then demanding a book, and then a drink of milk and a biscuit, and then another book, and then more mud....

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