Monday, December 10, 2012

Rancho Relaxo.

Here we are, in Lennox Head; parrot, chicken and guinea-pig sitting.

Keith, Ivy, Teddy and George are fast asleep, it's raining heavily, and the grass outside is an intense, psychedelic green. The rooster is crowing, the parrots are squawking grumpily and a cow just wandered past the front gate. She's looking for higher ground. We were going to swim today, but instead, the weather is dictating DVD's and books and toast and Miles Davis. Maybe a little rainy drive into Byron Bay or Bangalow this afternoon.

George has discovered the chickens water bowl, just hours after she became obsessed with the dogs water bowl at the park. She thinks life could not get better. 

Ivy is beach-shaggy and loving sleeping in a big girls top bunk. 

 Keith, exhausted from the last year, is sleeping as much as he can and he has, over the last five years, learned how to sleep through ANYTHING. 

Teddy has found a book that combines two of his great loves: cooking and Winnie-The-Pooh. 

Late yesterday afternoon, Keith and I sat out on the grass drinking wine while all three kids chased rabbits in the nude. Teddy fed peanuts to the parrots, Ivy practised skateboarding and Georgette, always happiest outside,  pottered around and babbled noisily.

As for me, I'm enjoying the personality of these parrots, determined to find where the chickens are hiding their eggs, reading the gorgeous cookbooks in the house, looking forward to watching Anne Of Green Gables with my big girl and feeling the holiday vibe creep into my bones...

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  1. I absolutely adored the tv films of Anne of Green Gables. I wanted to be Anne. I used to shut myself up for hours on end to watch them, and yes it was usually at Christmas. Bizarrely I always said I would call my first daughter Megan after the actress who played her. Rather than Anne. Sadly a Mégane is a car in France, so that was right out. I love sharing my passions with my kids, hope you and Ivy have fun sharing Anne. Can't wait to watch it with Matilda. And Owen if he wants to... Bx


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