Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lotsa Action, Less Pain.

Oops, I think I worried my mother and my sister with that last post. I am fine, I tell you. Nothing permanent or serious happened, just a bad couple of days with no opportunity to pause and recover. It's the crazy season. Everybody's losing it! And pain sucks. And also,  this blog is a built-in self pity platform when it is all getting a bit too much. (Thank you for indulging me.)

The days roll on in constant activity.

Our trip up the coast (house, parrot and chicken-sitting) is only two days away and I am nothing more than an epic to-do list. Teacher gifts are made and wrapped, suitcases are nearly packed, road-trip fun-bags are fully stocked, and Christmas is almost wrapped and carded and hidden away (we arrive home on Christmas Eve).

Right now I am downloading The Wizard of Oz (read by Anne Hathaway) onto CD for the long car trip ahead, as well as Keith Richards autobiography Life (read by Johnny Depp, thank you and goodnight) for Keith and I to enjoy during those long, peaceful hours while all three kids sleep. (Delusional you say? I prefer 'optimistic'.). We've got Serge Gainsborough and ABBA and the Cat In The Hat and sticker books and Cut The Rope on the phone. I think we will just limp over the finish line to hit the road, and soon after that, the beach.


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  1. Yay! have soooo much fun and see you in the New Year for sleep over! xxoo


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