Friday, November 2, 2012

Thinking and Foiling

Feeling a little tired and sore at the end of another busy week of cooking and washing and sorting and  negotiating. Tired and sore but happy.

Feeling jazzed about the  holiday Keith is taking from work for the next fortnight. He's been working into the night most days, establishing his business and building his website. He's been so busy. It's been a big year. We have so many projects and plans for the next two weeks. All home-based and all excellent. 

Plus lots of this. 

Feeling excited about heading into the city for a darling mates 40th at a swanky bar. Date night with the K Dog and some of my favourite old buddies! Canny wait. 

Thinking about my plans to get up early every morning and write. 

Thinking about giving up sugar.  

Thinking about what to do with this blog...  

Happy weekending my friends!


  1. Oh, those holidays sound fantastic - wish you a productive and most importantly happy time!
    As for the rest: I take my hat off to you for even thinking about giving up sugar, but pleeeeaaaase don't give up this blog! (If that was what you were thinking about...)


  2. Thanks Fine, no sugar today!! Grrrr....

  3. If by "thinking about what to do with this blog" means wondering whether to post daily or twice daily, then I'm all for it.

    As for cutting out sugar, why does this have to be the nutritional nirvana du jour? Why oh why?! Sob. I think about doing it every day. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Monday. Monday's are a good day to start things...

  4. I know Furry. It was a Monday that got me. Damn that motivational day of the week! And it's a bandwagon, to be sure. I am just testing le waters. Mainly, I am trying it because like you I really found the idea so confronting and terrible. That made me wonder whether my attachment to sugar was something to look at....But I agree it is an evil thing to do. I'm sorry.


Thanks for talking to me. I don't got cooties. Oh, except for when I got cooties.