Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just a Stroller. (Without The Stroller).

Keith has taken both the little kids off shopping for hardware, so I'm just home from the most leisurely, pleasing wander around the shops. Not a real shop, just a hunt for offbeat items like coconut oil and sketch pads and baby bottles. The kind of slow, thoughtful larking about that is very hard to do when a small baby keeps fighting to stand up in the trolley baby-seat and shout 'Ta-da!'

I've been chatting to checkout chicks and shopkeepers, jumping in and out of the car without wrestling with straps and small people, just living the glorious life of the flaneur.  Now I'm home, in the quiet, about to tackle the washing up and listen to the Slate Culture Gabfest.



I'm into my second week of quitting sugar (and gripped with sinus detox issues) so I hunted down some raw cacao nibs, which the Internetz say are the bomb. The packet cost me twelve thousand dollars and I ripped it open with unseemly haste. They are bitter! Bitter! I honestly thought they were going to be some yummy get-out clause.

I shake my fist at you, bitter raw cacao nibs.


  1. geez, I really do enjoy reading your blog, i love the way you write :-) Sugar is my #1 weakness, would be keen to hear of the benefits you experience with this crazy notion of quitting - if any?! Belinda

  2. I started the no-sugar gig about 6 months ago after a zillion bouts of glamorous. Now I occasionally have something sweet, but hardly ever crave sweet stuff like the days of old. I'm totally obsessed with veggies now. It is worth it in the end (particularly if the alternative is piling itchiness onto the daily kid-wrangling gig). I never went near those cacao nibs....glad to hear they taste crap before I bothered!

    The kids took a while to adjust, now they are mostly sugar-free, but WHOA....when they get a hit of the stuff they are off the scale (not sugar-fit I guess)

    Good luck!

  3. Ah, quiet times, washing up and Slate Culture Gabfest. It's almost like you were at our flat. I promise the no sugar will get easier. I'm back on now, in moderation, but after 2-3 weeks, you won't even miss it (nb, almonds with a cup of fennel tea is pretty good...I mean, it's not a lamington, but it's still nice).

  4. Okay, won't try and find the cocoa nibs. I've just finished week one and haven't yet passed the crazy, wild-eyed stage that requires A LOT OF WILLPOWER. I'm finding stevia helps. Not much, and it has a funny aftertaste, but it's something. (That could well be the most pathetic sentence I have written for a while.) Good on you for making it to week two!


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