Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teddy's Hospital

I played hospitals with the T-Bone today. This young doctor had a curious bedside manner. No matter what the ailment of any stuffed animal visiting his facility, the treatment remained the same.

1. He rubbed his doctors hat (which in a sort of cruel joke was in fact a jesters cap) on the patients belly until the bells rang.
2. He tried to wrap bandages inside their mouths
3. He squirted 'medicine' at their faces and then
4. He performed a 'go to sleep' dance.

In fact he found his rounds so tiring he had a little lie down himself in the middle of the ward. His assistant looked on, unimpressed.


  1. Well, I'm sure he could cure my bad mood today with that, esp. the belly tickling with the hat and the dance; although I'm not so sure about the bandages in my mouth...
    I see a great future for Teddy in revolutionizing the handling of patients in hospitals!


  2. Hmmm, my daughter's favourite diagnosis is still always TOO MUCH BLOOD followed by the various methods she could employ to get the excess blood out (usually it involves chopping off one of my limbs) Think I'll suggest a go to sleep dance next time!

    1. Gruesome creatures. At the minute Ted likes to carry around a stick he calls his 'killer'. ..!


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