Wednesday, October 3, 2012

For Theodore Fox, on the Occasion Of His Fourth Birthday

My darling Teddy Bones. 

You are four! 

It's been a big year for you, and not always easy with a little baby in the house and a big sister starting school. Mummy's busy, and Daddy's working... Sometimes it's tough for the boy in the middle to squirrel enough attention.

But you are having a lot of fun being four, Teddy. You wake me up crawling into my bed and whispering 'Mama Time!' and then tucking your fluffy hair under my nose until I'm driven out of bed to make your breakfast. (Jam toast on the weekends.) At lunchtime Daddy School, you can read 'Teddy is four! Teddy is big! Teddy has a big bum!' on the Etch-a-Sketch. Then you and Dad go and roll down the hill. At dinner, you are happiest when it's a sausage day, and you love to go off to bed in your room with Ivy and listen to stories as you go to sleep. Often you make loud, strange remarks in your sleep.

You are so affectionate  Ted. Sometimes violently so.   Like last week,  when you tried to re-enact the gamewhere I put a nappy on my head and nod it off onto George. 'Look at this nappy here, Bubba,' you said, as your sister gazed up at you trustingly, before you miscalculated the distance and head-butted her on the nose.

Stuff like that happens to you a lot Teapot. You live more in your head than in your body, we think.

 For your birthday, you insisted I make you a castle cake, and you were so happy to find it when you ran out in the morning.

At four, you adore your big sister Ivy. What she loves, you love. So your favourite colour is pink, and you love fairies and princesses and flowers.  

You love to cook and  read magazines, and to watch Hi 5 and Peppa Pig. You love listening to 5 Little Ducks and ABBA on the little CD player in your room. You love to live pants-free.  

You are a thinker, Ted. Among your recent questions - do houses have skin? How do you say 'slippery' in Spanish'? Can we plant the seeds from my sandwich and grow a bread tree?  Last week, you grilled me for specific details on eye-piercing. You couldn't believe the horrors of the 'piercing gun' and made me promise not to pierce 'any of your things'. Also, you insist that 'Gimme Gimme Gimme a Man (After Midnight)' is a Wiggles song, even though I've tried to explain that it's an unlikely choice for them. 

But mostly, you are obsessed with the phrase 'put poo on Daddy's head', which is your default answer to so many questions. 

One day soon, I am sure you will stop presenting your bum for poo inspections and having crazy attacks of wild boy energy when you haven't gotten out of the house enough. The frazzled and exhausted part of me looks forward to a calmer future. But you are such an adorable and eccentric little creature that I can't help feeling that I will miss your madness when you start to grow bigger. 

 I love you Ted! 

Thanks for another wonderful year, 




  1. Your letters to your children are so so beautiful...

    Happy birthday, Teddy!


  2. Happy Birthday Teddy Bear! We love you too and can't wait to see you later this year. Save some pooh for us. Love, Sally, Denis and Bas xxx PS: Resbaladizo is Spanish for slippery.

  3. Brilliant. You, him, this post, poo, all of it. We also have an older sister-pink-princess-loving little brother. So sweet. Happy Four Teddy! Bx

  4. Happy birthday to your Ted. Four is the absolute best age for boys. And I say that with great authority on such matters!

  5. Theodore Fox....a grand name for a marvelous fellow. I can't wait to hear what you get up to as a four-year-old Teddy x

  6. Happy Birthday Ted! You sound crazy wonderful little man and very loved. :)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks V and big massive hugs to you this week. xx

  8. What a sublime year you have had big boy! And lots of giggles thrown in for your mama too it sounds like! xx

    1. It's been a big year Amy. In fact I think I could sleep for a month. But funny, there is no shortage of the funny from this one. Funny crazy. Funny ha ha. All the funnies.


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