Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Swimwear for Wobbly Laydeez

Ladies, spring! It has sprung!   This morning I spent an hour at the park with Ted and George, letting the baby empty my handbag as I pushed my boy wildly down the flying fox and high up on the swings, watching him with new eyes and marvelling at his four-ness. (Birthday post for T-Bone is belated, but marinating.) Four! He's strong and quick and unafraid to hurl his body at a challenge. My body didn't fight me either. We had a great time.

In other news, the temperature is rising, my thoughts are turning tropical, and I am coming to the terrible realisation that I really, truly must wax my legs before the old-growth forest lurking there starts to sprout mushrooms.

Because: swimming season.

Hence: swimming costumes.


My body has baked and presented another person since I last bared it to the elements, and I am in need of a new cossie. As luck would have it I ran into old friends a couple of weeks ago who are swimwear designers, and who specialise in creating swimmers for Real Wimmen, who are totally ready for their own jelly but maybe not ready to show share their jelly with a whole beach.

This is their online store.

Ooh, I like this. 

                                                 And these too. Lovely sleeve detail. 
This is not a sponsored post. I just got so excited to see this swimwear that I had to share it. The way I see it, friends help friends to avoid post-partum swimwear shopping trips: hairy legs, winter-white skin, and the sunken eyebags of exhaustion. Glorious! God bless the online experience.

And vive le spring!

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  1. like the look of the first ones but the link doesnot seem to be working can you repost the link thanks (and the name of a good waxer...or combine harvester perhaps may be needed before donning said togs)


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