Sunday, September 23, 2012


Lately, this blog has been a chronicle of woes. A platform for my whinging festivals. A little brochure from Self-pity Land,  Population: me. It's about time I turned my gaze to the sweet and lovely aspects of life and gave them a little oxygen. 

Today, we hung out on the deck after lunch, trying to remember some of our old repertoire. 

The kids played outside for hours.  

And the old Keithmeister and I did some satisfying work starting to rabbit-proof the vege patch. 

I hope your Sunday was as sweet. 


  1. Haha...both of us at the same time...yes, sunday sweet as this end and yours looks perfect too. See you next weekend xox

  2. Even about the most cursory of veggie nurturing is SO satisfying. I'm currently basking in the glory of having flung potato peels (and other assorted formerly-comestibles) out of our back door in the general direction of the worm farm - I don't even know when - and yesterday hauling out a whole meal-ful of gorgeous, babyfaced new potatoes by doing nothing since. I haven't experienced magic like that since the unprotected sex=twins accident nearly a decade ago!

    1. This fills me with hope Sush...but those twins CANNOT be ten!?!


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