Friday, September 21, 2012

Mini-Man Is So Hot Right Now.

Little Georgie is sick. She's hot and whimpery and congested and pale. She's been having intensive cuddle therapy for two long days and we've been very house-bound. Today we made it out to do the school pick-up and hit the supermarket. Teddy was jumpy after such a quiet day in, and Ivy was full of school-holiday brio.

I strapped Georgie on (so happy that my back is feeling up to the Ergo this week for the first time in months) and we did one of those random, fill-in shops that are all condiments and no vegetables... we're making ice-cream for a birthday party tomorrow so I picked up a whole lots of chocolate and cream, and Keith's watching the footy, so I grabbed him some chips, and then Jupiter Bars reminded me of childhood, so I bought a couple to celebrate school holidays.

On the way out. Ivy and Ted would not stop doing Mini-Man, where they squat down and frog-walk, talking in a squeaky voice. 'Mini-Man says I love you!' 'Mini-Man says I cannot go any faster!' 'Mini-Man is so hungry!' Mini-Man is the game sweeping kindergarten this term.

'Could you just save Mini-Man until we get home?' I begged. 'Mini-Man says no!' they squeaked. Georgie was heavy in the sling. It had been a long day. The bloody Mini-Men started getting under my feet and in front of the trolley. 'Enough Mini-Man!' I barked eventually. And then I used a phrase I find myself saying at least once a day at the minute: 'Can't you just... be normal?'

Also, I'm sure people must have looked at the sugar-party going on in my shopping trolley, and the candy bars clutched in the hands of my noisy children and thought 'Come on, lady.'

I'm a bit over Mini-Man. Do you think I would regret it if I try and get them to learn this dance instead?


  1. We have had mini man mania in our house for months, it drives me batty!
    Have a great school holidays..

    1. Is Mini-Man going to be like Cheese Touch, where I think it's some local random game but it's actually sweeping the nation?? Who is Mini-Man???

  2. Can't watch the video here in Germany - boo!
    But YAY for your back being better! And I hope Georgie gets well soon.
    Now I want ice cream and chocolate and chips, too...


  3. Ha! That dancing man is just what I'm like going through a normal day-they check their watches a lot too. Must have kids in play school that need collecting. And then there's shopping, and a little bit of keep fit and a quick trip to the loo, a bit of commuting.. yep, it's pretty much my day. Although I don't have the dude in the yellow. Must get one.


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