Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Lots going on. 

I'm keeping house for a bunch of lulus. 

Ivy has been busy arranging her collections while wearing a paper-plate crown with golden plaits. George watches, learns. 

As for me, I am having some struggles with my back. This week my rib rotated out of place so part stuck out my front and part stuck out of my spine. But it was less fun than it sounds. I am working out my domestic frustrations in a largely unsuccessful attempt to perfect Greek yoghurt. 'This is like a yoghurt factory, ' Teddy said today. (Better than Nanna's kitchen though, methinks; today he asked me for scrambled eggs 'but don't put hair in them like Nanna does." )*

Georgie turned one this week! Here she is at school pick-up after I've been passing back strawberries from the front seat of the car in a desperate attempt to keep her happy. She is so adorable. I just wish she was happy to stay at floor level. 

The bending. 

The bending. 

They are healthy and full of beans, all these kids. But sweet mary mckillop, they can make a bloody mess. 

 I've been administering tough love or warm cuddles as required.

 Enjoying the fun bits. 

Spending lots of time in the kitchen, as always. 

Proudly watched Teddy wrote his first full sentence. It is 'There was a poo.' He says it's the start of a chapter book. 

Celebrated three birthdays: Keith, George and Teddy. All done and dusted . (More on that soon I hope.)

Washed things, lay in the bath, tried not to cry, picked shit up off the floor. 

Etc etc. 

Here's hoping that you are all blessed with warm jumpers, non-adventurous ribs and a good yoghurt recipe this week.

*I don't care Mum! I'll eat a bowl of hair as long as you come home soon. Hurry home!!


  1. No yogurt recipe to be found here, but I am about to bake some cinnamon rolls. Does that count?

    Apart from that:
    1) I hope your back and ribs improve soon - it's about time you get a rest, me thinks.
    2) Teddy looks so big all of a sudden! Maybe it's the haircut, but he sure looks like a 6 or 7-year-old in some of the pictures.
    3) No no no, you must be mistaken! It cannot be already one year since Georgie joined your family! Seriously?! Luckily, your kids never stop being cute, but that picture of Georgie on the bench? Adorable!


  2. Such beautiful chaos! I hope your rib settles soon it sounds excruciating.

    1. Thanks Lila. It is back in place the naughty bastard.

  3. Georgie is 1?! Already?! I can't wait to read Teddy's book. Or will it be a novella?

  4. How is George one? Where did that year go??? Naughty rib. Hope it returns to its rightful place soon. Nb, left over yogurt- have you moved to the lands of at home labna with the leftovers? Dangerously good...

    1. Thanks Tor, and labna is next, if I ever get any leftovers. These kids are eating machines!

  5. Got the good ribs bit covered but really out to get myself a decent jumper and well... as for yoghurt... its on the list for that magical 'one day'.
    What a year hey? So quick and yet like it has always been this way too.
    Many many many happy returns to your mob, especially that cutie George!

  6. Oh man! So much happening. Happy first Birthday George! (And Happy Bday Ted and Keith – when did you get SO big? Um, Ted, not Keith).

    Hope your ribs are ok Rach, sounds bloody awful. xx

    1. Thanks Anna, I know, they just keep on growing..! So wild really.


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