Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little Sisters

I feel I was a little harsh on the T-Bone yesterday. It is tough to parent a three year sometimes without the help of narcotics.  Tough to be three too. The mental picture of Ted's face crumpling into tears when he knows he is about to get busted for something he really didn't mean to do is heartbreaking. He cannot help doing this crazy naughty shit lately. And he has to get into trouble for it, or he will end up some kind of hideous little emperor. But at time it feels like punishing a Labrador puppy and it is not good for the mama's soul.

Teddy doesn't want to put his sister in the compost every day. Sometimes he tries to behave like he thinks he should. 'Bubba,' he fake-croons in imitation of the rest of the family. 'You're a good baby. Is that a nice sandwich?' It's play-acting, though. When the coast is clear he'll take possession of that sandwich and neck it back like nobody's business. 

Where Ivy sees an adorable doll to be carted around and treated with loving condescension,  Ted sees a big baby who pulls his hair and tries to eat his Sparkle World  magazine. He is blessed to have an older and a younger sister, and they will always occupy different emotional spaces. Ted wants to be Ivy. Mostly, he wants to put Georgie in the compost. 

But Teddy  is kind and gentle by nature, and despite himself, he will come to protect and cherish his little sister one of these days. If for no other reason than she is the only one who will attend his outdoor recorder festival. 


  1. i am giggling like mad at the outdoor recorder festival. it is hard on the soul, it is hard work, these three year old middles. i suppose they won't always be three. :)

    1. No, and I'll look back and laugh, but in the exhausting.

  2. recorder: an outside toy if ever there was one.

    Love the world map cushion!! x

  3. yes, that cushion gets a real workout around here. Sturdy as well as can add that to your selling points Cath!

  4. hey, where did the new mat come always looking for a new rug...:) xxoo

  5. I draw such comfort from hearing about dear ted's antics. It's an age thing. Or a boy thing. But it's a thing... thanks for making parents of 3 1/2 year old boys everywhere have someone to laugh out loud with. We is not alone!

  6. Love the outdoor recorder festival. Poor Ted- though younger sisters may prove useful (written, as one). Five days after I came home from hospital my sister implored everyone that the time had come to return me. Mum had to explain I wasn't a library book.

  7. It's hard being usurped. You're right. He'll be fine. My 9-year-old still struggles with the new arrival (who's now 2). But he loves her. And hates her. And loves her. So, all normal.


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