Thursday, August 16, 2012

For Georgette, On The Occasion Of Her First Birthday

Dear Georgie, my darling, sweetest little baby-face, 

Happy first birthday! You did it!

Tonight, tucking you into your sleeping bag, I looked down at your funny face and I was overcome with a wave of affection. 'I love you!' I said, as I picked up up, and nuzzled into your soft neck. 'I love you, I love you!' As I said the words, I realised that you don't hear them enough, living as you are in a house full of noise and activity, where we are always cleaning up after the last thing or racing, late, to the next. 

You are so affectionate though, George. You squeaked and giggled and snuggled in and bit me happily.  It even sounded like you said 'I love you' back.... 

Those moments are even more special, scattered as they are amongst the non-stop goings-on of our life together. You are my little buddy on this non-stop Mum express. We loop on repeat  between school, day-care, swimming, soccer, shopping and music. It's full-on,  Georgie. 

Look at this photo I took tonight. 

 At five-thirty, Ivy decided to help me by cleaning out the Tupperware drawer.  She's spread all over the kitchen floor. I'm trying to roast a chicken and not drop potatoes on her head. Who knows what Ted is doing there George? Making a nappy into a boat? He's just turned four and he's certifiably nutty.  It's your dinner time, Georgie. You deserve some one-on-one time, with Mum's eyeballs on you while we chat over your pumpkin chunks. 

Nope. I'm slinging frozen peas and mashed banana onto your tray,while dealing Teddy a yellow card and                    realising I haven't done Ivy's reader yet. Again. 

See the kitchen cupboards? They are painted with undercoat, and waiting to be finished.  It's been three weeks, George. At least. 

Still, you're getting some food in there, you chunky monkey. Here you are eating porridge with blueberries, and getting ready to destroy your first of many outfits of the day. 

Not much hair yet, George, although an arty little mullet is beginning to sprout in the back. Such a great goofy smile. I almost want you only to ever have two teeth. 

You love your Dad so much. It's tough for you having him work from home sometimes. You are not above moaning sadly at the door of the bedroom he is working behind. 

Will you be an independent adventurer, George? You spend a lot of time crawling at speed around the house, eating floor lollies and emptying drawers. "Arro?' you say, as your roam around, looking for action. 'Arro? Arro?'

 As much as it pains me to think that you are missing out on the attention that your elder siblings had, I feel comforted when I see the three of you together. Often you seem to gravitate to the same room, playing at your separate games, but finding comfort in being near each other. We weren't full up until you got here George. We are closed for business now though. Oh yes. 

Now, you are a tribe, you three.  I'm sure there will be a mutiny at some point. . 

Your big brother and sister absolutely adore you even thought it might not always feel that way. 

Ted hasn't quite got it yet (three, lunatic age) but your big sister Ivy is your biggest fan. You even look alike! In the mornings, she jumps into your cot to show you gymnastics moves. She showers you with kisses, proudly shows you off to her school friends and carts you around the house like her favourite doll.  

As for me, I might be a little worn out this run around the baby-block, Georgie. My body is fighting me this year and pain has messed with my mojo. I haven't been able to carry you in a sling, or hold you as much as you (and I ) would love. I've been busy, and exhausted, and short-tempered. 

But you have never been anything but an absolute joy and a blessing.

Thanks for a wonderful year George! 

I love you I love you I love you!



  1. Oh, sweet George! And what a sweet letter, Rachael! I am sure that she will always feel smothered with love in your beautiful, gorgeous and creative family...


  2. Beautiful!!! She's a lucky little lady to belong to such a wonderful family.

  3. Oh, George and Rach, you made me cry. Not in the same way I would cry if my brother and sister bit my feet though.

    Happy birthday gorgeous girl. You're very lucky to have your people, and they're lucky to have you.

  4. Happy birthday, gorgeous George! And well done for getting through this year, Mama.

  5. Happy happy one lovely little George! I sure do admire your amazing Mum. Kellie xx

  6. She will hold that letter close to get heart, I think. What a beautiful birthday gift. Great work on your first year as a mother of 3. You are doing it with style.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Georgie! I love this blog. As a mother of 3 under 5 I can relate to it so much. You make me laugh in a demented, socially unacceptable way (snorting, tears and laughing with no sound coming out.)...and man that feels good!


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