Thursday, June 21, 2012

That Time Keith Kissed A Princess

So Georgie is teething this week, or stretching her naughty muscles, or both. We have had a few days where she won't sleep unless tucked up in arms and patted.  Now my neck has gone out in protest. Aye chihuahua! The only way to describe the pain of turning my head to the left is in the 80's classic term of agony. IT WRECKS. Man, it wrecks.

Boring boring.

Instead I'll tell you about Ivy's public speaking challenge. All the kindy kids are giving a one-minute speech this term on the subject 'Me'. Ivy has made a set of palm cards with little pictures to remind her of her main points. They are: princesses, fairies, cherries, books and the family. Keith and I listened to a run through a few days ago and suggested tat she might try saying two things about each item once she had glanced at it.

'For instance, ' I said, ' When you look at the princess picture you might say princesses live in castles, and they become Queens.' 'Or you could say that Daddy once kissed a princess', Keith suggested.

That sounded like a good story. I raised an enquiring eyebrow. 'Not true, ' Keith said,  sotto voce. 'But it's a good one to spread around.'

I cannot tell you how funny it has been to us ever since, when Ivy gets to that part of her speech. 'I love princesses because they are beautiful, ' she says, 'and also, my Daddy kissed one once.'

Ivy finishes her talk with an elaborate, deep, Elizabethan bow-flourish.

I love that crazy kid.


  1. I would like to teach the early years kids just to hear some of their stories. Starting Prep this year they have to write in their journal every day...Popps has made up all sorts of stories about us, trouble is I doubt the teacher knows which ones are true and which ones are not.

    1. So agree Claire. The kindy classroom is a beautiful place. Last practice speech, Ivy said 'And I've been to London...' I shook my head. 'Is it China? ' she whispered. Queensland, I had to tell her. She didn't seem to realise that was so much more crap a travelogue.

  2. I would LOVE to hear and see Ivy give that speech, I am sure she will be great! (And I still love her bow in the video after singing chitty chitty bang bang.) You have gorgeous, creative children!

    Hope your neck improves soon!


    1. Thanks Fine. It still sucks . Osteo tomorrow though.

  3. So cute!
    Kissing a princess sounds so special, no wonder Ivy loves that part.

  4. I love eavesdropping for News. Busy has her turn on Tusday and I always get there early so i can hear what she says, its so funny, they have to tell their news then they are allowed to ask 3 questions from the class. Last week she told how her "mummy is a bit crazy at the moment. she can get a bit cranky cos she is pregnant with my baby sister, but she still loves us even when she is crying"

    Could I sound more emotional unstable??
    ( quite accurate really)

    1. Love it. There is no hiding the truth from the kindy teacher. Keith and I were having a hilarious time this morning acting out how we would crack onto other parents at the school gates. It got nobbier, sexier and more ridiculous. Suddenly I realised that Ivy was quietly eating porridge and watching the whole thing. I stopped. But God knows how that scene could pop out to another parent at a playdate one day.


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