Friday, June 29, 2012

June, You've Flewn.

Lots going down in Mogantosh Town. 

School runs. 

Constant pop-outs to the supermarket to 'just grab a couple of things.' We are eating insane amounts at the minute. I blame the fat baby. 

She's into everything! 

And I'm sure her and Teddy are in cahoots. 

Keiths's office is coming along. That's taking up lots of our time and energy right now. It is SO EXCITING!

The hugely talented Morgen Figgis is building it. His lovely wife Mignon is a buddy of mine so she came over to hang out and help me start repainting the kitchen while the kids watched Mamma Mia. 

It's been all action around this joint. 

These two girls really adore each other. It's a struggle trying to meet everybody's needs but I'm instituting a system called Ten Minute Mummy where once a day, I have to sit and play or do whatever they choose and the other kid can't interrupt or ask anything. I am only available to that one kid for that ten minutes. The big ones, anyway. George is all Mummy, all the time, and my body is pretty angry at me about that. 

Craft before breakfast for the T Bone. 

And now, school holidays! And next week, my birthday. Hip hip huzzah! Happy weekending to you all out there. x


  1. George is so cute! They all are! Have some fabulous holidays lovely. X

    1. Thanks Cath, you too. Now put down that heavy cushion please. x

  2. 1. Wow, that IS a lot of action!
    2. Perhaps you could have us let a peek at the newly painted kitchen once it's finished?
    3. Your children are adorable.
    4. Hope your body stops being angry and just accepts that you will have to carry an even heavier baby after she finished that whole trolley! (No, seriously, hope it gets better!)


    1. Fine it might take a looooong time to get to the end of the kitchen project but I promise pictures if it ever happens...

  3. My 'pop out to the shops' cost me $90 yesterday. What?! We are eating SO much and both kids graze which means I'm preparing food ALL day.

    Whinge. Moan.

    Enjoy the holidays - pjs ALL day! x

    1. Jodi. My God. What is it with these tiny babies that eat like rugby league players?

  4. Wow Rach...the office has gone up so fast since I was visiting on Thursday! Looks awesome and very clever design! Love those kiddies...hugs all round and we be down for that sleep over soon....just read Jodi above and my opo into shop was $140....eeekkkkk! I hope organic food is one day just a wee bit cheaper :) or not...xoxo

    1. Thanks Lise, ALL that food is gone. All of it. Great to see you, let's pick up the neverending conversation again soon. xx


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