Friday, June 1, 2012

Dream Poo.

Last nights dream: Halfway through putting on a load of washing, I realised that instead of putting the clothes into the machine, I was throwing them into the pit of our composting toilet. I had to fish each item out, one by one, and clean the shit off.

Clearly, I have too much poo and too much laundry in my life.

So today, I am ignoring the laundry altogether and painting the first coat of blackboard paint onto the wall opposite the front door.I have this vision that this wall can welcome us and all our visitors with pictures and words that make us smile. It may not come off, but in my head it's lovely.

 I've been undercoating and painting away while listening to BBC4 Woman's Hour.

Happy days.

Next, I'll finish sanding back and painting the dresser that was part of my grandmothers wedding set to sit in front of the wall. Just have to get to the hardware store to buy some paint the exact shade of pale, greyish green of the pumpkin on my dining table.

Bugger the washing.


  1. ... and then comes educating the small people about the difference between drawing on the blackboard wall and drawing on all the other walls in the house.

    1. Mums Wall. Yep. Watch me trying to enforce that.

  2. I love that lovely idea. I may nick it. Thanks lovely!

    1. Look forward to checking out your version Mich.


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