Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dads Are Rad

On Monday morning we picked Keith up from the airport.

By lunchtime, I was overcome by a massive wave of tiredness. Clearing plates in the kitchen, I mentally plotted the afternoon - jobs to do, hours till bedtime, the mental state of each child and the accompanying rest/activity ratio required.

'Shall we watch Annie this afternoon?' I asked. I figured I could lie down then at least and maybe even sneak in a micro-sleep.  

'Well, we were going to play Uno,' Keith said. 'And then I said I'd play Fraggle Rock and do some puzzles and maybe read for a while. I'm not sure we'll have time for a movie. Is that OK?'

OH SWEET LORD DADDY IS HOME, I thought. I am released from the need to strategise and coordinate this family every moment of the day. And then I went to bed and slept the sleep of the zombie dead.


  1. I just love those deep sleeps, sounds like you earned it.

  2. Yay for Keith for coming home and playing all day with the kids! Hope Ted is feeling better now after some Dad hugs?


  3. Dads are totes rad. So glad you got a break. Hats off to all single parents! I have no idea how they do it.

    1. Hard drugs. The only possible explanation.

  4. Where is your 'I Want To Kiss This Post' button?

  5. Right next to my 'I Want To Make a Really Bad Dirty Joke' button Shell.


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