Friday, May 25, 2012

Sorry, Other Rachael. That Was Rude.

I'd like to use this forum to apologise to the neighbourhood mum who came into the hairdresser as I watched Teddy get his 'big boy' haircut. Her name is Rachael too, and she has three kids that match mine. Haven't seen her around for a while though. But this morning I watched her walk in, preceded by a massive pregnant belly. 'ARE YOU KIDDING ME?' I shouted across the salon.

Now I'm no psychomogologist but I'm pretty sure it was a case of what the old Freudmeister called 'projection.'


  1. I freaked MYSELF out with my reaction to be honest. It has been a long, long day that included poopy pants (not mine I hasten to add.)The idea of baby#4 today does not compute.

  2. Oh Rach, this is so good. I hope she has a good sense of humour. What did she say? X

  3. Jodes, she said it had taken her 20 weeks but she had comes to terms with it. And she advised surgical intervention STAT to prevent the same surprise...I felt ashamed of myself, but only later. At the time - it was like 'WHAT IN GODS NAME HAVE YOU DONE? Bad etiquette. Really poor.

    1. I have a yoga student at the moment with 3 kids - 5, 3, 2 and she's 38weeks pregnant. Needless to say, she's exhausted. 4kids - it do easily happens. X

  4. Poor girl!
    Think you should find her. Take flowers, have a cuppa.
    Make her day.

  5. A good friend's husband announced baby number 4 to a room full of party one night. My very loud foot-in-mouth reaction was to turn to the pregnant one and say "why?!?!"

  6. I bumped into an acquaintance who had her second around the same time as me. She was pushing a pram. As i peeked in I said 'oh, it looked like you've got a baby in there for a second" (thinking it was her older one asleep and cosy.) It actually WAS a new baby. I literally dropped my jaw and then said (cringe...) 'Wow, you really pump them out don't you!"

    Ah, I still feel shame. And yes it was 100% projection.


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