Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Mondays

Hello, Monday morning!

We are all well at once, touch wood. My back is still giving me some problems, but luckily we humans possess the gift of perspective....last week is still so fresh in my mind that a little pain and yelping is a walk in the woods. I'm so happy to be up and around.

We had a wonderful, homey weekend with lots of house-sorting, cooking, resting time and a family dinner out - I really enjoy watching the kids in a restaurant and it's nice to get dressed up too. I did have an unsettling dream involving a giant rabbit later that night  though. Was it the Mexican food?

This week, I am planning a major health kick around this joint. Somehow, we are stuck in a loop of illness and injury. I feel like it's time to take some proactive steps towards immune-system and body-strengthening. Early to bed. Lots of broths and stocks. Blueberries and broccoli. Fish-oil. Vitamin C. Long walks. Yoga. 

Wish me luck.

Here is Ivy, hard at work with a magnifying glass trying to extract a tiny tick from Keith's armpit. (Joys of living in the bush.) I am holding the torch. I lost my job as doctor in charge when I spent quite a long time carefully pulling the top off a tiny mole. Good one, four-eyes. Luckily Teddy found a Wiggles band-aid to cover up the damage and Keith is a forgiving sort of a man.

 Sunday afternoon, some couch-time introducing the kiddoes to the beautiful writings of Ted Hughes. (Terrible husband. Wonderful poet.)

Breakfast, from Ivy's perspective. The colour cards on the pantry have been there for months, waiting for that painting job to rise to the top. What colour do you think?


  1. chaos and loveliness ll at onc, I always love your blog. x

    1. Thanks Cath, right back at you. I hope you're not carrying any heavy cushions around. Have a little sit down please.

  2. Oh, that snuggliness looks lovely...
    As for the colors: Per se, I like the blueish green best, but for the room (as seen in the picture), I would also go for yellow - thinking of warming and brightening it up on grey days...


  3. I have read several articles recently extolling the health benefits of chocolate. Nothing to do with it being Easter I'm sure... I would send you the links but I think it's probably less time-consuming for everyone if you just take my word for it. So glad you're on the up and up. Bx
    p.s. Do you know the poet John Hegley? You might like his work. Him funny. And insightful. Like you.


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