Monday, April 9, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

I'm dreaming of happier times like this. Hanging out with the girls, and the girls.
(No original source for this image. I'm sorry, wonderful Japanese ladies.)

Christ on a bicycle. It's been days. Every time I get up for a while I get this stabbing pain. I feel like stabbing something myself. I'm bored with facebook and pinterest and blogs. I watched I Don't Know How She Does It and that didn't help with the urge to stab. Perhaps I will stab SJP. I myslef have not travelled much in the world of investment banking but I'm fairly sure that giggly, scattered, breathy enthusiasm, skipping, and a penchant for clasping your hand to your heart to indicate intense sincerity does not the successful financial high-flyer make. Get stuffed, Hollywood.

I've been trying to sort photos and write some stuff, but clicketing around on the keys involves sitting up and really I need to lie down. so i'm surfing, reading, and staring into space. Like Ivy sayys when she imitates me looking after the baby 'Hello George, it's ok, blah blah blah...'


I'm looking forward to getting back to the housework. Yes.


There have been some happy moments. This may be my new favourite blog. This Louis Theroux trip through India made me laugh. I so love Louie's nerdy enthusiasm. Sometimes his quirky shtick gets a little old, but in this episode he is on fire. At the end of his India adventure he gets an ashram singing hesitantly along to 'Karma Chameleon.'

I've been dreaming about interiors on Pinterest. I want this wallpaper, this kitchen, and I want to make this coconut body butter. Maybe I'll give it to my body as a present when it starts working again.

Blah blah blah.


  1. I smell nice? Oh no I don't, I can assure you.

    The internet will steal your soul.

    I love Louis too, the India one was a standout. Did you watch the swingers one?

  2. Swinging Louis was disturbing and I could not look away. Louis at the chicken ranch was classic too. But I bet you smell like cookies...and parrots...

  3. Because I'm not afraid to feed your Pinterest dreams, you must check out Salon Wall Love -

    I promise you will LOVE!


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