Monday, April 30, 2012

Beards and Dandys

I went for an MRI on my back last Friday. It's a horrible procedure. Shudder shudder.

Afterwards, I stopped to grab a restorative coffee in a little cafe in town. Mum had Georgette, so I was totally sans children, an unusual state for me. Freeeeeeee!

We live down the coast from Sydney, in a land where the bogans roam free, and so the groovy are drawn to particular parts of town where they can mingle with their own. It makes for some fascinating hipster-watching.

My usual only encounters with the worlds of fashion and beyooty are at the school drop-off these days. The mums are always effusive and complimentary when someone has made an espeical effort, knowing how hard it is to make it out of the house with two shoes on, let alone a face of slap.  'Your hair!' we cry, en masse. 'What have you done?' 'Washed it,' is the usual answer. 'Well, you did it very nicely,' we affirm. 'Conditioner and all, is it? Get you and your fancy ways!'

I felt like Attenborough, observing the hipsters in their natural habitat. All the men were bearded. They wore check shirts and skinny jeans. They had gentle manners. It was all sort of reminiscent of the 70's back-to-the-land movement. Except the women weren't allowed to be hairy and overalled; no, the waitresses (hipsters too) had very complicated hair and make-up going on. Unfair.

An office worker rushed in at one point, grey suit sagging slightly in the bum, and ordered a large cappucino with two sugars. The bearded dandy behind the machine raised one eyebrow just slightly. Poor office dude had no idea his coffee order was totally daggy.

And that is my report from the world outside the school gates.

Jack Passion, beard champion. 


  1. . . . and tattoos too? i'm noticing lots of tats.

    is it your scoliosis causing all the back drama? i've been dreaming of running away to a schroth scoliosis clinic in europe to get mine sorted out. luging my big chunk of two year old boy around all day isn't helping things.

    rachel x

    1. Scoliosis was the original problem Rach, so I think things are still slightly bent out of shape. But two spinal fusions and a fractured vertabra and three kids later, I think it's just a big old mess really. I think a couple more years of heavy-duty baby carting around, and then the very physical job of motherhood will ease off a bit.

      Then, you and me, European vacay, via scoliosis clinic. It's a date?

  2. For some reason I always thought you lived near Melbs, but Ms Rummey recently told me this wasn't so! I think I may have to come down south one of these days and stalk you and your hilarious ass one of these days. Kellie xx
    PS I put my back out last week and thought of you. There you go.

    1. No, south coast Kell, and we had a Rummey visit not long ago. It was great. Swing on down! We'll get the Rumskis. And talk Lexi into coming too. Blog party! And I really hope you're not channelling my injuries in some crazy way, because I broke my toe yesterday.


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