Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Please Release Me

Baby George has been bestruckled with the throat infection that laid Keith and I up last week. And by 'laid up' I mean 'required to continue running complex machine of family life with no pause.' Keith and I took to rubbing our eyes and replying 'wah wah wah' every time one of us complained. This was so, so funny to us that we cried with laughter. We have nice low expectations like that.

George, meanwhile, has been spiking some hefty temperatures and will not sleep unless in arms.

Any pair of arms will do.

My hip is aching like buggery. I need to put this baby down! The little fatty boombah is killing me.

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  1. god rach, give george a shnuggle from us. hanging on your every word since quitting facebook. keep us entertained won't you? and now that big M is home we should re-unite, family to family, not quite game of thrones stylez.
    minno x


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