Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just One Thing

Dear Georgie,

Mummy is very proud of how enthusiastically you can kick your legs. A Riverdancing career may be in your future. But can Daddy and I ask you to keep your crazy leg-kicking parties for the daylight hours?

Last night you kicked so much you worked your nappy off and when I turned on the bedside light with shaky, sleep-deprived fingers I found you beaming with pride, nappy dangling around one ankle and a sizeable poo nugget on the bed.

I found another one this morning on the loungeroom rug. Specifically, my foot did. It must have been from one of the times I rocked you back to sleep while watching New 24 (incidentally, Georgie, wasn't The Hub from the BBC a good show? I felt like I was in a hotel in Frankfurt.)

Starting the day with a shit-foot is not the route to happiness, George. Keep that in mind because Mum's happiness is closely linked to the quality of your mashed banana and the number of games she will play with you.

Best foot forward tomorrow George.




  1. Oh dear. I'm laughing with you, I promise. Especially given our toddler has regressed in the toilet training department since we brought the baby home. Two months, no accidents, and now I'm checking for puddles everywhere I walk... At least the poo stays in his undies...


  2. Hilarious George!!
    But I got one word for you Rach - pilchers!

  3. Wow! She is a talent to be able to wriggle out of her nappy! Go George!


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