Monday, March 26, 2012

Country Holiday

Small babelet George is going through a bit of a stage where she is only happy being cuddled. Ted is having a bit of a three-year-old crisis and needing lots of special attention. Ivy is loving school but the five-day-a-week hauling of three kiddos back and forth to school is quite intense. Keeping the clan fed and watered, the laundry under control and the floor free of large obstacles makes for a busy day.

In my spare moments I delight in watching cooking shows on the laptop and swimming in the bath to relieve my back from the creaking caused by constant motion and lots of baby-on-hip.

Not much time to keep up with writing.

But we did take the whole tribe on a road trip into country NSW last weekend to a family party in Narromine and my sister's gang in Cowra. It was so much fun.

Here, George pulls Uncle Chris' beard while my sister Sammy finishesthe puzzle we bought at the Dish in Parkes (such a great spot for a family visit. Ivy has decided she wants to be an astronaut, but Ted still plans to specialise in cakes.)

I don't know what Keith has told the kids here but he is cracking them up, big time.

Hotel room, Narromine.

Little George with me on the beautiful farm for Dot's 60th.

With Grandpa.

Ivy listening to Creedence on my iPod. This pic is blurry but I am drawn, over and over, to gaze at it. I can see Ivy as a teenager here. It's magical.

In a Mudgee park, she's back to being my gorgeous five-year-old.

Geoge got some good hair-eating in.

And Ted taught George a few Greco-Roman wrestling moves.

Sleepy girls.

Georgette and the transporting views at Katoomba's Three Sisters.

We are all well and happy here. Hope you are the same.



  1. Love the picture of the girls asleep like that! You clearly have a bigger car than us to be able to fit THREE car seats in the backseat!!

  2. I think my kids were nearly the same age as yours a year ago and first term at school was definitely the hardest. Looks like a lovely family holiday. Don't you love it when they all go to sleep in the car at the same time?

  3. I am always so happy to find a new post from you.

    Looks like you had a very happy time away - a gorgeous family you are!


  4. Oh my gosh. If possible, Ivy gets more and more beautiful every day.

  5. I hear you on the school run issue! Having a new baby and school aged kids has been a totally different kettle of fish for me. With a lunch-time Kinder pickup thrown in to boot I feel like all I do some days is get kids ready, take them to school, pick them up, calm them down in time for dinner, get them to bed........etc...

    Your get-a-way looks like a happy time for all. Must try & get away this Easter!


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