Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can I Get A Witness?


How've you been?

It's been ages.

Perhaps I owe you a phone call or an email or an essay I said I'd write. Perhaps I haven't said hi on your blog for ages and ages.

Forgive me.

I have been spending my days in an endless loop of turning this

into this.

Care for a different angle? Here. War has broken out! Babies are stuck in the middle of it! It is insanity.

And then peace. Or rather, ceasefire. A child calmly plays Lego. How sweet and how idyllic. Previously, this small child was wearing a chair on his head, an act that made sense in the context of the chaos surrounding him.

Back soon! And by that I mean twenty or so years.


  1. Ye gods - I can SO relate. I spend my my days worried someone is going to drop by (the horror!), trying to find excuses to be OUT of the house and thus avoid the inevitable, or just plain despairing until the RIGHT! MUST TIDY! NOW! mood comes over me and then ... aaaah. The serenity of a cleared surface lasts for, ooh, 5 mins, until it is again destroyed by small people. Tis crazy making.

  2. Those before shots look so much like our place, I'm about to have a coffee and tackle some part of it. Although as kurrabikid says it just doesn't last!

  3. I am impressed that you had time to take a photo when it was arranged.

  4. It's good to have some photographic evidence I find. Allays the despair somewhat.

  5. WOW for you getting it so tidy! I too am in a looping cycle of destruction and cleaning. Round and round I go. Stuff. I hate stuff. Every now and then I make a declaration that we have too much and take it down the salvos... the less we have the less there is to tidy.


Thanks for talking to me. I don't got cooties. Oh, except for when I got cooties.