Friday, February 3, 2012

unexpected forks in le road

ah me,

sickness is upon us.

ivy has missed every day of school since the first. she is distraught about it.

poor ted is going psycho with cabin-fever (it's been raining for a week and he's too sick to go anywhere.)

and miss george took another visit to the hospital last night when her breathing became laboured and scary. she's got bronchiolitis. she looks snotty and miserable and confused, and is only happy upright and in arms...hence one-handed typing.

i am exhausted.

worried about this little baby,


running outa entertaining ideas.

ivy and ted made beds in baskets and played sleeping beauty.
this pic showcases their acting abilities.
gosh this makes me laugh.

but george is just thinking 'holy mary. what is with these clowns?'

a knee-length crotch on his stripey stockings didn't impair ted's form on the indoor hopscotch field.

but behold the little athlete below, captured with tell-tale milo moustache. i turned my back yesterday and half-caught ivy whispering 'you can eat as much as you want ted..'

and when i turned around i found teddy, enthusiastically necking back a huge handful of milo. i sent him to his room but as he whimpered past i remembered the snippet of conversation i had caught.

'wait' - i said 'why did you eat that milo ted? you know that's naughty.'
'ivy said it would turn me into a fairy' he wept.
i changed sides, and sent ivy off in disgrace.
when she came back she had to tell teddy 'i'm sorry for making you do a naughty thing.'
i'm sure a little part of her hoped against hope the fairy thing might work.

on the upsdie, popcorn and a dose of happy feet is always good.

however, trying to take a squirmy three-year-olds temperature with more children than i have hands is a tricky business.

in short,

i hope your week went better than ours did.


  1. Sickness here too all week, but no kids, so therefore a whole lot easier to manage.

    Had to giggle about Ivy's attempt of fairy-making...

    Wishing you all a speedy recovery and an easier weekend!


  2. Good lord, no. The germs, the germs. Sounds like a couple of good fairies is exactly what you need, maybe you should all have a go with the milo. I feel for you. Looks like you're doing a pretty amazing job of rallying the troops, although I'm sure it doesn't always feel like it, and sometimes you just wish there was someone there to rally you. For what it's worth, I rally you from afar. May good health return with all possible haste to the Mogantosh nest. Bx

  3. p.s. have you tried the website My kids love it.

  4. That sounds like a mega-crappy week. You poor thing. Your poor mob. Hope you get a chance to take a walk away from them all today in the fresh air.
    I don't know why but for some reason the idea of drawing with shaving cream on the shower wall entered my mind as an entertainment option. I've noted that like mine your children are partial to a bit of free-range nudity. Drawing with shaving cream in the shower is fun... and quick to clean up once the taps are turned on!!!
    Wishing you better luck and health next week.

  5. Poor Ivy, missing most of her first week of school. That is not good! Hope you're all on the mend very shortly.

  6. Hoping this week is an improvement on the last!

  7. Hey doll,
    Google "reading eggs"... Ivy will love it. Coops does!

  8. Oh me, that sounds like a crazy week. Bronchiolitis can be scary, we had a week in hospital with one of our kidlets once, awful times. Hope you're all on the mend now. This site ( has some easily printed worksheets that can work for my kids, especially if they are playing 'school'.


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