Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Random Post About a Yellow Chair

My friend Lizzie was throwing out this chair. I rescued it from her driveway and gave it some coats of sunshiney yellow.

I still can't get enough yellow.

Now it is just the right size and hue for a sleepy boy and his best friend Barbie the bear.
A boy whose favourite colour is yellow.

Here it perches next to Mum' s feeding chair; best seat in the house.


  1. ted, it's fabulous. and so is your mum x

  2. Loving yellow so much... and that chair is gorgeous.

  3. A perfect chair in the prime spot.

    My sunshine yellow teapot makes tea drinking 17.8% better, hope Ted get's similar results.

  4. Score!
    Yellow is Jack's favourite colour too. I think it was Wiggles-inspired as he felt a lot of man-love for Greg back in the day :)

  5. damn that chair looks good. can it come back now you've done the hard work?!!

    x lizzie


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