Friday, February 10, 2012

Life With Schoolgirl

One week down, and the arithmetic goes something like:

One weeping, blubbery, snotty, clinging meltdown at drop-off,
two days of snippy, snarky snappiness after school,
two battles over track pants (I won the battle, she won the war. The pants are history.)
many other changes, big and small,
and the first week is over.

Ted, Georgie and I are getting used to being at home together all day. I think we are going to have a really, really good time. They are both easy company. I asked Teddy if he'd like to do something special to celebrate being the 'big kid'. I suggested the museum. 'No,' he said. The aquarium? Nope. The art gallery? Definitely not. I was stumped. Going to the shops and watching Mummy try on clothes, I offered? 'Yes!' he shouted.

I'm realising that spending the day away from Ivy means that at the end of the day, instead of feeling ratty and worn out from keeping her entertained and happy, I am totally excited to see her and drink in her little face. After being in toddler-Ted and baby-land, nose-kissing and disciplining and being silly, chatting to my five-year-old is so fresh and funny and vivid.

Once the rain stops we'll start walking to school.

I can feel the year ahead starting to take shape: frozen lunches, last-minute dashes to school to deliver forgotten hats and library bags, a sea of paperwork, school-gate parent fun, reading, afternoon wind-down painting and craft, dinner-table discussions about days spent apart.



  1. So glad it's taking shape so nicely for you all. And that Ted understands that trying on clothes in the Oppie beats all.

  2. We have had a tired school girl here too. No actual tears but some nervousness. She is perplexed as to "why doesn't everyone just do what the teacher says?"
    She is the good girl. ( at school) we have also banned TV except on weekends so she is adjusting to that too but I do like it- the house s so much quieter!

  3. Everyone else seems to be managing the new school routine quite well... I am struggling the most - getting to and fro to school twice a day five times a week is quite a strict schedule... I'm not good at strict schedules. I'm getting there but it ain't natural.

  4. I think Dot's new Principal can sniff the naughty kid in me, she keeps giving me greasies, and I tune out in assembly. Dot's going fine though, if you don't count bath time tantrums and her new Policewoman attitude.

  5. Love it. The routine of school is both a bore and a saviour. And you're right about being excited to see a 5yo at the end of the day!

  6. ...and dealing with the DE-SCHOOLING that happens to my kids every school holidays. I gotta tell you, it keeps me on my toes!


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