Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Band and Screen-Free Weekends

We've been instituting a screen-free policy on the weekends. We lock the laptops in the shed and ban TV. During the week, by the time all small people have been fed, watered and squiggled down to sleep, hopefully an after-dinner parlour game played and won, and the washing-up vanquished (even if all the other housework is carried-over until the morning) we're left with just a small window for technology.

At the minute we've been filling that window with a nightly dose of Game Of Thrones (totally addictive, highly nerdy.) So blogging and other writing is taking a back seat. But in short, we've been arting and crafting, cracking down on some serious naughty attacks, feeding the baby some real food (such good fun) and preparing Ivy for school.


We've also been introducing baby George to the Family Band. She shows a real interest in the music, and so we think she's caught the gene for loving a nobby, musical good time. Huzzah George! By the time you're five you might even be rocking some Mick Jagger/River-dancing moves like your big sister.

Happy weekending, folks.


Thanks for talking to me. I don't got cooties. Oh, except for when I got cooties.