Friday, January 6, 2012

The Edge of The Pacific

So it's not the steamiest of summers. But nonetheless we are blessed to live in a little beach town. Every time we get down to the water, I watch my kids invent games, absorbed in the infinite creative universe a huge expanse of water and sand can inspire. Children are never bored at the beach.


  1. Aah...makes me happy just looking! Too true! Tis our happy place for sure...we even started looking at places to move back to the beach this week...Matilda is blessed to have spent so much time on the sand and in the healing salt water since she was born...she is part seahorse these days. Love GiGi's smile and you all look happy and relaxed. Big smiles this end xx

  2. Aw, you all look so happy! Thanks for sharing, am in a much better mood now!


  3. cute, but what happened to the ee cummings poem? i got it in my reader and thought it was so awesome i came over to comment. put that sucker back up, sweetheart! i'm going to rip it out of my reader to email to a nursing mother poet friend.
    love you, mogantosh.

  4. Yep, CJ, I thought maybe I would take it off, write it better and post later. But...never gonna happen. Here is! x

  5. Loving these stories Rach - letter to Ban-Ki Moon was a particular highpoint! Jane x


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