Wednesday, January 4, 2012

B @ At Home

The B @ Home website contacted me about being one of their 'Best Of The Web' bloggers. They said they were impressed by my colour-blocked bookshelves. Alas, the shelves don't reflect my everyday lifestyle quite as well as the posts My Overflowing Recycling Bin and Where's That Poo Smell Coming From?

Still, I said yes and here I am along with a couple of interesting blogs you might like to check out -I thought that Sarah Learns and Things For Boys both had a lovely vibe about them.

Hope 2012 is marvellous so far. Here, the kids are well, George is flipping herself over like a fish and the K-Dog is still on holidays. Today he reported that he has finished the outside jobs and was now available for any general donkey-work I wanted to direct him towards. His actual words: 'I serve at the pleasure of the President.'

What a man.


  1. Well that's a lovely honour nd a brilliant start to the year! I think your ability to combine great style with a ode of reality will make them love you all the more. congratulations! x

  2. Excellent, I can fully understand why they want you!

  3. Of course they want you! I know I do.



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